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TREX Living System logo

TREX Living System

The fully modular house is a completely new concept that represents the future of construction. Trex Living System is an innovative product and the most efficient living space in which, thanks to its complete modularity and mobility, the living space remains flexible even after moving in.

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CroVape represents the innovation, the quality and the high-end of the vaping scene. With its first two products, CroTip and CroMod, CroVape already set new standards with a perfect combination of design and functionality.

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TREP'S Mini Diner logo

TREP'S Mini Diner

Trep’s – Mini Diner combines two completely opposite worlds, fast food with fresh and homemade ingredients, hand-processed meat and different ways of serving to give the guest a unique experience.

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FEMEL logo


Femel is created for strong and independent women who always want to feel special. Designing high quality dresses that are timeless, versatile and elegant is the ultimate goal. To ensure the quality and uniqueness of each piece, collections come in limited edition.

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