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Mission and vision of Tremak d.o.o.

My vision is an enterprise, our joint venture that will be successful and leading the market.

It is our duty to do business and to act in accordance with laws, nature, ethics and morality. Social responsibility is the ethical basis of dissemination and development. Using and utilizing the latest technologies and processes is our everyday life. Growth and development and business success are not realized at the expense of our employees, but with their help. In today’s capitalist society, the main goal is to maximize profit and profit only. That’s what I want to clear out of. Profit is just a result of success and not a goal.

Our goal is the journey!

I see employees who are happy every new day, but not because they regularly receive salary every month for their work, but much more because they are aware of their role in the company. In this way they see what their role in society is and what responsibility lies behind it. A happy party to such employees means more than an actor’s applause at the end of theatrical performance.

Our mission is to provide a healthy working environment that gives every employee the opportunity to do their best to satisfy even the most demanding parties.

I see the parties that are happy that our firm exists. Parties who are happy to buy our products and who are pleased to recommend it to others.

It is our duty and a call to support our region and our country, which is not just a regular tax payment. We must be proud of the “made in Croatia” label and give our best to make more and more progress every day. Although this process has no end, there is a path that leads in that direction.

The journey, that’s our goal!

Robert Treska

Founder, owner and director

Company information

Industrijska ulica 46

40000 Pribislavec

HR – Croatia

+385 40 863 920

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